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November 21, 2006

Dear Mr. Sparks,

What a joy it is to celebrate the hope and the help that 6 computers will provide in the Philippines.  Thank you for your generous contribution, and for your willingness to give such blessings to the children of the Don Marino Marcos Elementary School in Davao on the island of Mindanao in the Philippines.
The computers will enhance the teachers abilities, reinforce reading and math skills, and provide internet resources for the classrooms.  There are no textbooks of workbooks; all resources are created by hand.  The computers will open up a world of opportunity and hope for the 40 faculty members and 300 students.
When the computers arrive, we will get pictures to you.  We can only imagine the smiles on their faces!   The mission team from Highland Park United Methodist Church, thanks you for being a part of God’s work in far away places, often forgotten and longing for hope. 

Rachael Faubion
Steve Raynor
Steve Tenney
Lee Foreland


Dear Marc,

I wish you and Sparky’s Kids had been able to see the huge grins on the faces of the computer winners at the MATH BLAZERS Competition Saturday.  The next best thing to having been there was to capture the excitement and happiness through the pictures we took.  We awarded 8 computers to individual Club members who were the overall winners in each contest.  We awarded 5 computers to the 2006 Club Champion, the Maple Lawn Club, for use at the Maple Lawn Club. 

Thank you, thank you for the gift of these computers.  You and Sparky’s Kids have truly changed the lives of our Club members.
Betsy Cullum
Director of Special Programs
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Dallas

Math Blazers of the Greater Dallas Boys & Girls Club

Hello Susan,

Here is a pic of Austin and his NEW computer. You have no idea how happy Sparky's Kids have made him. The whole family wants to Thank Your organization for helping Austin. We will never forget your kindness. God Bless you all.

Thanks Again,

Dennis R. Grace


Hello, Susan, I am austin Grace. I got the computer. I love it. It is vary great. Thank you and you're company vary much. We will send the picture some time this afternoon. You have no idea how happy this makes me. I garentee me and other kids who have receeved you're greatness are vary happy. thank you again. my email is djausting@yahoo.com. have a nice day. austin, grace.


We recieved our new Dell computer for Dallas Metro. It is shouting time around here! I can't begin to thank you and your company for all that you have done for us. The kids that recieved the computers last month are still in awe that you would do something like this for them. It will really be a blessing once school begins next month. Thanks again for believing in us and for your generous gifts.

Clay Wallace
Director, Dallas Metro Ministries


Dear Mr. Sparks & Ms. Dufour:

On behalf of the staff, parents and more importantly the children of Grace Episcopal
Preschool of Galveston we wanted to personally thank you for your very generous
gift and donation to our organization. The five computers arrived last week and we
were able to have them installed this week. To say we are thrilled is certainly an
understatement! The children are already benefiting from the computers and we can
definitely see how valuable such tools will be not only for our current students but for
future enrollment. Today's technology needs are advancing faster than we can imagine.

Jamie Smith, Director
Grace Episcopal Church Preschool


Mr Sparks,

This is Kendra Freeman. I received one of the great Dell computers. I want to thank you for one starting Sparky's Kids and second for giving me the chance to receive the computer I did get. This computer will help me a lot in college.

Thanks again,

Kendra Freeman


Ms. Susan Dufour,

I am writing this note in appreciation for the Dell computer you contributed. To let you know, this computer will be used for my studies while I am attending Southern A & M University -Baton Rouge in Louisisan. Your contribution and efforts have now enabled me to do my studying and get information faster. When I saw that I had an internatl modem, I was estatic! Thank you very much for thinking about others who do not have much and doing something about it. I'll never forget this or you. Thank you.

Sincerely and Gratefully,

Brittany M. Kilgore.


Dear George Thompson,

I'm writing to show my appreciation for the new Dell I just recieved. Thanks for helping out in this blessing. You allowed me to have a computer of my very own. I have already done so much with it. I'm very grateful for this computer. It will help in college. Thank you again for making the whole thing possible. You're a good person. Thanks again for blessing me with this wonderful opportunity.


Tomekia Portis


Just a Friday note to keep you up-to-date on your "kids".  All of the 'puters are installed, even though we're using small tables just now and the kids absolutely LOVE them....so do the teachers!  ....I just know everyone is grining from ear to ear at the school.

Ginger, Grace Episcopal School 


I wanted to say thanks to you and all who have made this all possible. Thank you for a Dell of my own. I think it's awesome! I'm so grateful for this opportunity. While I'm in junior college this computer will be such a big help. I will be able to organize my school work as well as other projects. I want to thank you for all you've done for me. My computer is so cool. I love it. Thanks Marc S.


Tomekia Portis


Mr. Marc and Mrs. Jane,

We wanted to thank you for the brand new computer. We greatly appreciate it. Words just can't express the appreciation we have. This will help us out greatly with our studies. We all wanted to thank you very much!

Thank you,

Daniela, Denise, Maria and Elizabeth Esparza


Dear Sparky's Kids and GlobalTec Solutions,

On behalf of Christian Life Assembly and Dallas Metro, I would like to extend everyone's heartfelt thanks for your generous donation.

Words cannot convey the emotion and heartfelt gratitude of Dallas Metro Ministries and the 6 students who received computers from Sparky’s Kids. As the kids heard the news for the first time in the first of three services, the response was emotional and overwhelming.

Bertha, who was featured on the video, cried and she told me later she had been praying for a computer. Vicente, also on the video, could barely contain himself as he shared with the audience that he felt like jumping up and down and running around the building. Some of the kids’ mouths just dropped in disbelief that anyone would do that for them. Clay and Barbara Wallace’s emotions went from total excitement to tears of joy and gratitude to your wonderful foundation. They couldn’t believe it and I can’t wait for you to hear it from their own mouths.

Please be assured that you chose a well-deserving and worthy organization. We can’t thank you enough for investing these young lives.

Thanks again for everything.

Gina Anderson, Fine Arts Director
Christian Life Assembly
Carrollton, Texas


I, Christopher Bennett would like to once again thank you for the Dell I received 2 weeks ago I am doing a lot of things with my Dell and there are many things I am storing for college in this computer I know that I am going to keep in touch with my friends back here, when I'm off to college with my Dell. I always wanted a computer but could never really save up money to buy one and then one day GlobalTec Solutions came and put a blessing in my hand and as soon as I got home I set up the computer!!!!!!!  I would like to finalize this letter of appreciation by saying thanks to : Susan Dufour, Marc Sparks, and last but not least George Thompson!!!!!

Thank You and God Bless!!!!!


Christopher Bennett


Dear Mr. Thompson,

I was very touched, when I read about your intentions thru Sparky's Kids. My wife, children and I work and financially sponsor "Habitat for Humanity", "Miami Rescue Mission" and many other charities for less fortunate people on this planet.

As a brand new student of Wizetrade and Wizefinder, I now look at your organization in a much more enthusiastic and envigerated light. Thank you for what you are doing and please keep up the excellent work.

Captain Neil P.


Dear Marc & Sparky's Kids,We hop that these pictures and letters can convey to you the gratitude, appreciateion and thanks from the graduates who recieved the computers. Their lives are changed forever because of the generous spirit found in Sparky's Kids.


Betsy Cullum